Naturally. For the Future.


More than two decades of experience with certification, accompanied by successful economic development have made us a competent and reliable business partner. From a control authority for the agricultural sector, we have developed into a nationally and internationally active company, active across a multitude of business sectors.

The focus of our business activity can be allocated to three main sectors. Meanwhile our certification activity encompasses the entire supply and value-added chain of the agricultural and food industry. Additionally we have great interest in the current discussion concerning sustainability as a whole, primarily in the certification of energy and environmental management systems. Finally securing process quality in health care systems as well as establishing socials standards is an important matter to us.

In April 1991 the IFTA AG was founded as the "Institute for Animal Health and Agroecology Stock Corporation" („Institut für Tiergesundheit und Agrarökologie Aktiengesellschaft”) in Lindau on Lake Constance. Already at this time the branch office in Berlin existed, which became the headquarters of the IFTA AG in 1996. Since 1992 customer-oriented testing and marketing programs became established for the agriculture and food industry. Eventually the accreditation as a certification body for quality and environmental management systems occurred in 1994/1996, followed two years later by the accreditation as a certification body for products. Likewise in 1998 the IFTA AG acquired the testing laboratory “BCI Bio-Chemical Institute Hoppegarten GmbH” (BCI Biologisch-Chemisches Institut Hoppegarten GmbH). Parallel to the certification business, the IFTA AG is active in research and development projects and is a partner of universities and colleges.

Since 2000 the expansion to additional industry sectors and business abroad is increasingly promoted. This was accompanied by a steady expansion of held accreditations. The next building block for the development of the corporate group was placed in 2007, with the foundation of the IFTA Academy GmbH. Reviewing the rapid development and restructuring at the beginning of the new millennium, the company name was adapted to the cross-industry activity IFTA AG, more aptly representing the diversified operational field.

The provision of certification, training, laboratory services combined with internationality and scientific standards, guarantees the special status and public image of the IFTA AG.

Our accreditations

The IFTA AG is a government-approved certification body. Accreditation is granted by the German accreditation body DAkkS Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17021:2011 and DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065:2013.

All certification activities are objective, carried out free of any conflicts of interests and according to the principles of impartiality.